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eftpos is a safe and convenient debit payment option. In 2011, eftpos accounted for around 80% of all debit card transactions in Australia. 

By encouraging your customers to press CHQ or SAV, you will be offering your customers a safe and convenient way to access their money, with the added benefit of allowing your customers to take cash-out at point of purchase, reducing cash on hand.

eftpos is low risk

Accepting purchases on eftpos reduces the amount of cash you need to hold in your till, reducing exposure to theft, mishandling and misappropriation.

It also provides your customers ease of mind with added security measure, relying on a PIN, rather than a signature.

eftpos is easier to close at the end of the day because there is an electronic cash trail.

eftpos is the way Australia pays

In 2011, Australian consumers performed more than 2 billion eftpos transactions worth $131 billion at 325,000 merchants, using over 750,000 eftpos terminals.

Speak to your bank now about how you can offer eftpos to your customers.

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eftpos is safe and convenient

eftpos, best for your businessNow you can benefit from using eftpos.
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