In November 2017, eftpos launched a new service to help its Members resolve disputed eftpos transactions faster and more simply, supporting a better consumer experience.

The introduction of a centralised dispute processing solution across the Membership, was driven by a desire to gain further back office efficiencies.

The service is intended to lead to more efficient operational processes and reduced manual intervention; delivering greater consumer satisfaction through a streamlined, consistent and timely industry practice for resolving eftpos disputes.

While disputed transactions and fraud rates are low on the eftpos network, it is important that when a consumer decides that they want to dispute an eftpos transaction, there is an effective tool in place that facilitates the banks’ consistent and prompt resolution of the issue; maintaining consumers’ peace of mind.

eftpos has teamed up with a globally-recognised provider to deliver the new online tool, which enables Members to generate and manage the resolution of disputed transactions within a single system, using a defined rule set.

To assist consumers’ understanding on how to dispute an eftpos transaction, a simple guide is available on the eftpos website, along with general information on many Member websites.