Board Committees

To help it carry out its responsibilities, the Board has established the following Committees and adopted terms of reference setting out the matters relevant to the composition, responsibilities and administration of these Committees:

  • Finance & Financial Audit Committee;
  • Risk & Internal Audit Committee;
  • Remuneration & Nominations Committee; and
  • Rebate & Pricing Committee. 

The Finance & Financial Audit Committee (F&FAC)

Members of the Finance & Financial Audit Committee are:

  • Ms Bianca Bates;
  • Mr Leigh Clapham; and
  • Mr Kees Kwakernaak.

The F&FAC Terms of Reference is located here.

Risk & Internal Audit Committee (R&IAC)

Members of the Risk & Internal Audit Committee are:

  • Mr Leigh Clapham;
  • Mr Shane Harris;
  • Ms Raksmey Thay; and
  • Ms Simone Van Veen.

The R&IAC Terms of Reference is located here.

Remuneration & Nominations Committee (R&NC)

Members of the Remuneration & Nominations Committee are:

  • Mr Alex Twigg (Committee Chairman);
  • Mr Michael Baumann;
  • Mr Leigh Clapham; and
  • Mr Vinay Rao.

The R&NC Terms of Reference is located here.

Rebate & Pricing Committee

The purpose of the Rebate & Pricing Committee (RPC) is to provide oversight of and scrutiny of the principles, objectives and processes used by the Company for pricing (including fees, interchange and rebates), together with the financial impacts. The members of the Rebate & Pricing Committee are Independent Directors and the Managing Director.