Good for employees

eftpos is here to do good for Australia. It’s the goal that underpins the solutions we create for customers – and the experience we create for our employees. We know that our team is our biggest asset, so we do everything we can to make eftpos a place where people feel respected, valued and inspired to do their best.

Working at eftpos


Flexibility is one of the greatest ways we can support our people, so we offer plenty of options for different work arrangements.


Collaboration is key to our success. Our teams provide great diversity of thought, and we’re proactive in sharing our knowledge.


Everyone deserves to be treated with fairness and respect. So that’s how we operate, and what we expect.

Employee stories


Michael Zen

“Working at eftpos is like being a part of an extended family. Since day one, I’ve felt empowered to persist, achieve and exceed my goals both professionally and personally. Our leadership team value the person just as much as their skills. eftpos has come such a long way and continues to evolve as a business, which is something that I am really excited about moving forward.”


Peter Gililand

“eftpos offers flexibility that’s head and shoulders above other companies that I know of. Over the years, eftpos has supported my personal goals of taking extended leave to travel around the world with my family, and more recently to work four days a week. During the pandemic, the company set the standard for enabling collaborative and flexible remote working, and for proactively managing employee well-being. This has contributed hugely to my work / life balance.”


Alastair McHardy

“I love working at eftpos because when you have a good idea you can make it happen. The leadership team is very accessible, you can walk up and pitch an idea. eftpos is hungry for new ideas and opportunities to ensure that we are centre of the Australian consumer’s digital experience, and there is a real opportunity to influence and guide that direction.”


Lauren Jordan

“eftpos has a wonderful culture that embraces its employees like family members. Our shared value of ‘together is better’ means we are all striving towards a common goal. I love that fact that we are wanting to do good for Australia. eftpos’ broader social contributions are important to me and being part of a team contributes to that purpose is inspiring.”


David Mason

“Its been evident to me from day one that eftpos truly cares about its people and helping them achieve their best. Not long after joining, I had the opportunity to attend a course that focused on achieving your goals outside of as much as at work. Leadership takes an active interest and continually provides support and guidance for all in reaching their full potential, by creating a great environment in which to work. eftpos is a great place to be and I’m proud to be part of the journey we’re on to change the way Australians pay in collaboration with our members.”

Our values

Find a way to make an impact

we care about our customers’ success, focus on solving their needs, overcome obstacles with a ‘test & learn’ mentality to deliver commercial solutions.

Be a bold leader

we are leaders individually and as a collective, all driven to deliver our purpose with courage, judgement and decisiveness.

Be curious

we think beyond the obvious and adapt in a changing world to convert opportunities others miss.

Together is better

we collaborate across diverse teams, earning each others’ trust every day to achieve greater results.

Family oriented

we support each other to balance pursuing excellence at work and spending time with who matters most at home.

The Australian way

we are true to ourselves, fair, candid, do the right thing for our customers, our people, our country and have fun along the way.

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