About eftpos

eftpos is here to change the way Australians pay for the better, by designing solutions with small business owners and customers in mind.

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Accepted at nearly 1 million terminals*
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Over 50 million cards in market*
Over 2 billion transactions a year*

The story so far…

Back in 1984, Australians were introduced to a game-changing new payment system – eftpos – and made speedy, secure card payments possible at the cash register for the very first time.

Since then, we’ve kept bringing you more and more great stuff – like a centralised network and contactless chip in 2014, and mobile payments in 2017. In 2020, we also pioneered next-gen digital identity solutions with connectID, helping to keep Australians safe in the digital economy.

In 2021 eftpos became part of Australian Payments Plus, bringing together three of Australia’s leading payment companies to deliver significant benefits to Australian consumers and businesses, and to meet the needs of all payment users today, and well into the future.

As the world keeps changing, you can count on eftpos to keep evolving with it – and doing all the good we can for Australia along the way.

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With eftpos, you use your own money at the checkout, with real time balances and no pending purchases hanging over your head.

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All eftpos transactions are securely processed in Australia using our own infrastructure.


eftpos invests our profits back into our domestic economy so we all benefit.

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The people behind the name

eftpos’ guiding purpose is to do ‘Good for Australia’ and this is what unites our team, as we work together to deliver better customer outcomes. We’re also led by a highly experienced leadership team, who bring everything together.


What’s new in the world of eftpos?


*Accurate as at end of 2020