A Cookie is a small text file stored on your computer’s browser. As you browse, cookies gather information about your use of that website. Whilst there are varying types of cookies, some perform essential functions, enhancing site experience and functionality while others may be used functions such as advertising material.

Types of cookies
There are various type of cookies all of which have varying purposes. Broadly, some of the types of cookies which may be used are:

A ‘first party’ cookie, this is set by the website on which you are browsing. This is how websites ‘remember’ things like your customised settings. Alternatively, third party cookies are sent by third parties providing functions such as advertising, to the web site you are browsing. These cookies may be used to deliver advertising that we think may match your interests.

Temporary cookies last for one browsing session and are typically removed when you close your browser, while persistent cookies are stored on your computer after you close your browser. Persistent cookies allows the site to ‘remember’ your settings on the site. It is persistent cookies which allows for targeted advertising by either a first or third party.

Necessary Cookies are those which allows the site to remember you between pages. For some pages to function appropriately, these cookies may be necessary.

How do I delete or block cookies
eftpos may use a combination of the above cookies depending on when you have visited the eftpos website. If you do not wish eftpos to use your cookies you can change the settings in your browser to control how you deal with the various cookies (ie. you can customise how first party cookies are dealt with in isolation to third party cookies).

If you decide to delete or block cookies, your experience on the eftpos website may be effected. If you would like to control, delete and monitor cookies on your device you may do so through the following link (amongst other methods)

Please note that in attending the eftpos site in this first instance we have obtained a cookie from you. If you do not wish eftpos to use this cookie information please ensure you delete this when/if making changes to your cookies.

Opted out of targeting advertising
If you have opted out of receiving targeted advertising from us, this opt out information is usually saved on a cookie. As such, if you clear your cookies, this information will be lost and you will need to opt out again.