Doing good for Australia

Innovative solutions to keep businesses ahead, and help Australians stay on top of their money. That’s what eftpos is all about.

A homegrown FinTech

eftpos was born right here in Australia, and we’re committed to doing the right thing by our fellow Aussies. That means we reinvest our revenue into finding clever ways to keep you secure and to save you money – whether you’re doing the small business hustle, or sailing through the checkout. As for the data we collect along the way? We keep it secure within the Australian network.


Solutions designed to help Australians use their own money, stay on top of their budgets and live full, abundant lives within their means.



Innovations that help businesses adapt to market changes, and unlock more commercial value from their payment infrastructure.



A commitment to giving Australians the safest, most reliable ways to pay, while keeping customer data secure.


The eftpos story

Australians were introduced to a game-changing new payment system – eftpos – in 1984. Here’s an insight into where it all began, and where it’s going next.