The eftpos Board consists of three Independent Directors, CEO and eight Directors nominated by our Members in accordance with the eftpos Constitution. Additional Directors can be nominated by Members in accordance with the eftpos Constitution and the Chief Executive Officer may be appointed as a Director by Members.

The Board represents a broad cross section of skills and experience relevant to the eftpos business from within the payments industry, retail, banking and financial services. A summary of the Board’s skills and experience is below:

  • Director qualifications
  • Strategic development and business/operational performance
  • Payment systems management
  • Financial services advisory
  • Investment and Retail Banking
  • Financial products and services implementation and development
  • Switching and data processing for financial services
  • Financial management
  • Risk management

Details of Directors skills, experience and expertise relevant to their position are set out in the Board of Directors Section.

The Board has appointed two Company Secretaries.

Board Structure

The composition of the Board is determined using the following principles:

  • The Chairman of the Board is an independent non-executive Director;
  • No Director can be a director or officer of another card payment scheme;
  • The roles of the Chair and CEO are not exercised by the same person; and
  • The Board has adopted a definition of Independent Director for the three current Independent Directors, which is consistent with that set out in Recommendation 2.3 of the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations with 2014 Amendments (3rd Edition) and is assessed on an ongoing basis.

The Independent Directors are paid by the Company for their services as Directors.

eftpos is committed to acting ethically, in a prudent and responsible manner. Below are links to the following: