The way all of us – individuals, companies, businesses and organisations – identify ourselves is changing.

A digital identity aims to give Australian people and businesses a single, secure way to use or purchase goods and services. The benefits of digital identity may include:

  • Enable verification of customers in the online environment
  • Reduce delays and create a faster, more secure customer experience
  • Simplify account creation across industry
  • Enable age checks to be conducted online

Note: Digital Identity is currently a Proof of Concept/under trial.

Why work with eftpos?


As a leading payments and technology provider with strong risk and compliance, eftpos will develop rules for data privacy and liability.

Designed for Australians

For the benefit of Australian businesses, merchants and government agencies, the eftpos Digital Identity Solution will consider AUSTRAC requirements for Know your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Customer Due Diligence(CDD).

Cost Effective

As Australia’s low-cost national infrastructure provider, eftpos is well placed to leverage its key assets such as technology, existing merchant, acquirer and issuer relationships.

Digital Identity Use Cases

The adoption of Digital Identity could span across many different use cases and industries.

These include:

  • Government identification of citizens
    • Federal
    • State
  • Business identification of a new or existing customers
    • Financial Services
    • Health
    • Travel & Accommodation
    • Telecommunications
    • Utilities
    • Legal Services & Conveyancing
  • Age verification prior to purchase
    • Retail in-store
    • e-Commerce / Online
    • Mobile

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