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Broaden your business reach and reward more consumers who pay with eftpos.

Loyalty program providers can now access matched eftpos transaction data to reward customers who choose to pay with eftpos for their everyday spending. Providing access to more than 51 million eftpos-enabled cards in use1, including eftpos proprietary, multi-network debit and multi-network credit cards, more consumer transactions are now eligible for rewards with participating loyalty program providers.

A move towards least cost routing2 means more opportunity for loyalty providers to grow their programs through a larger customer transaction base by now accessing eftpos transaction data for both existing and new loyalty program customers.

Access to more than 51 eftpos-enabled cards1

Consumers increasingly choosing debit over credit3

 Least cost routing getting increased support in the market2

A loyalty program that seamlessly and securely matches eftpos transaction data

Simple API connection through Verrency’s API integration

Opportunity to link eftpos-enabled cards to existing loyalty program memberships

Card holder data is anonymised for security

Ease of integration – no issuer or merchant integration required

Get set-up and gain access to eftpos transaction data

What are the steps required to access matched eftpos transaction data?


Contact eftpos to find out how to access the card linking API.


Sign up to Verrency by completing the contract and due diligence questionnaire. (Subject to final approval)


Complete the documentation to card linking API and technical integration.


In 2-4 weeks you could be connected to the card linking API.


You would be provided with ongoing support for matched transactions and any disputes.

Simply fill in the form to find out more from eftpos and get started with the card linking API.

    We collect your personal information to respond to your query. If you provide your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy. We will use and disclose your information in accordance with that policy. By providing your personal information, you agree to those uses and disclosures.

    Who is Verrency?

    Verrency puts financial institutions back at the centre of innovation. Verrency’s innovation platform helps financial institutions to innovate at speed and at scale. Verrency works behind the scenes to enable a range of value-added services for an issuer’s customers quickly and easily without changes to existing payments infrastructure (including merchant terminals). Verrency also enables rapid connection to third-party fintech services via its extensive partner ecosystem.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    With Australian consumers increasingly using debit cards and with a move towards least cost routing, it would benefit loyalty program providers to include eftpos transactions in their program so cardholders are not disadvantaged for choosing to pay with eftpos.

    • Complete the enquiry form and the eftpos team will contact you back on next steps.
    • As a key partner of eftpos, Verrency operates the API platform with loyalty program providers, where technical integration and connectivity would be made directly between the loyalty program provider.
    • Conduct a technical integration workshop with Verrency.
    • Facilitate environment set-up, connectivity, initial testing and security integration.
    • Conduct functional testing, acceptance testing and security testing.
    • Launch production and enable hyper-care and transition to operations.

    Costs are based on a matched transaction fee on a per matched transaction basis.

    Matched eftpos transactional data is exchanged using an eftpos and Verrency API gateway. When data is exchanged it uses a unique tokenised eftpos cardholder identifier with Verrency.

    No. There should be no changes to your existing process for registering customers onto your loyalty program. However, any user messaging and disclosures which describes the enrolment and fulfilment is to be in line with the program terms and conditions and privacy policy.

    Verrency can handle individual merchant ID’s as well as grouped merchant ID’s for merchant chains or franchise models.

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    2 Reserve Bank of Australia, Least-cost Routing of Debit Card Transactions
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