connectID applies to become first accredited non-govt digital Identity exchange

eftpos has applied to become the first non-government accredited operator of a digital identity exchange in Australia, ahead of its plans to launch its solution connectID  later this year.

During the Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology hearing earlier this month, eftpos CEO Stephen Benton announced the company had applied to the Digital Transformation Agency to become the first non-government accredited TDIF exchange in Australia.

The TDIF is a series of policies and standards that underpin the government’s national federated identity model, including the accreditation of government agencies and private sector organisations.

Only the government’s exchange, operated by Services Australia, is currently accredited under TDIF, while the Australian Taxation Office and Australia Post are the only accredited identity providers.

Similar to the government’s identity exchange, connectID solution acts as a broker between identity providers to allow organisations to verify identity.

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