eftpos’ new hybrid working model and why together is better

To Ashley Williams, Chief People & Culture Officer, the eftpos culture is what excites her the most. Particularly the genuine connection team members have to their work and each other.

Appreciating that people can learn so much in a smaller company due to the broad nature of roles, Ashley is focused on supporting and enhancing the eftpos Group culture, and to lift the commerciality of eftpos, voice of the customer, alignment, clarity, capabilities at both an organisational and personal level.

eftpos’ new hybrid working model is one project intended to realise the best of both worlds for the eftpos team. Pioneering a new way of working the long-term objective is for employees all to feel a real sense of purpose at work, while at the same time be able to embrace the non-work aspects of our life.

Ashely explains that while establishing the new ways of working at eftpos, the team is also driving a new program of work to define Group Values and intersections of the expanded eftpos Group of businesses which including connectID and Beem It. It’s all about how to best leverage the people, brands, capabilities and resources.

An eftpos value, which really is a universal value is “Together is Better” – together we achieve more than alone, and this is always true. eftpos is in the process of integrating the three businesses to form one collective whole, whereby the different businesses can retain their uniqueness and strengths.

This was top of mind as Ashley and others attended an all employee eftpos group offsite in April. The day was designed around coming together as one team, connecting and meeting new faces in person, which as we all know has been significantly impacted over the past year.

The entire eftpos team were inspired and enthralled hearing from two special speakers. Including World Cup of Martial Arts Gold Medallist Nadine Champion, who has dedicated over thirty years of her life to studying martial arts and discovering practical tools for strengthening the mind, developing resilience and building courage.

In addition, Anyier Yuol, spoke about having a Growth Mindset and the importance of resilience, positivity and adaptability. Anyier was able to share how these strengths empowered her to be vocal about the need for Diversity & Inclusion in the Australian workforce. Believing so much time is often wasted talking about Diversity and Inclusion without taking any practical actions.

Ashley believes this is a crucial point and is personally passionate about challenging perspectives; believing we all can promote a culture of acceptance and inclusion. Starting with having a dialogue until we are all comfortable and no longer have the fear of saying the wrong thing. 

eftpos’ purpose to do Good for Australia is a way in which the eftpos team can focus our social contribution on where it is most needed. Ashely says knowing we are doing good for the community is a great feeling, is another reason why it makes her proud to part of the eftpos team.

As a concluding thought Ashley reveals that work is a thing we do, not a place we go. We all want to stay connected and supportive of each other as human beings while striving to make this life juggle more enjoyable. And that why together is better at eftpos.