Simple, secure payment solutions

From the convenience of real time balances to the ease of instant cash out, eftpos solutions are making life easier for Australians in lots of ways, every day.

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Helping you save on payments wherever we can
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Investing our revenue back into Australia’s economy
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Keeping payment and data security watertight

Mobile Pay

eftpos mobile payments put your money in the palm of your hand. Pay on the go with your digital wallet at thousands of places round Australia – and get up-to-date balances with every tap.

Card Payments

Even if you don’t use your mobile, you can still make eftpos your go-to payment method. If there’s an eftpos logo on the back of your card, just insert it at the checkout and pick CHQ or SAV.

Instant cash out

Need paper money? With eftpos, you can grab cash at the checkout anywhere, anytime. Just press CHQ or SAV when you pay using an eftpos debit card issued by a local bank (in some places, you can even use your mobile). It’s the speedy, secure way to get money on the move.

Big help for small business

Running a business? Ringing up payments? eftpos has created clever payment solutions to keep cash flowing, and make every POS moment sweeter.

Good for you, and Australia

Innovative solutions to keep businesses ahead, and help Australians stay on top of their money. That’s what eftpos is all about.


Helping Australians live a full life within their means.


Empowering businesses to adapt to constant change by unlocking more commercial value from their payment infrastructure.


Protecting our national interest and building our national wealth.