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Are you running a card-linking loyalty program? Why not broaden your reach with eftpos? With our card linking API, you could access matched transaction data every time one of your customers pays with eftpos – allowing you to reward more customers. 

Access to 51 million cards^
Customers choosing debit over credit*
Increased support for LCR~

How's it work

Broaden your business reach and reward more consumers who pay with eftpos. With more than 51 million eftpos-enabled debit cards in market^ – including eftpos proprietary, multi-network debit and multi-network credit cards – more consumer transactions are now eligible for rewards.

More and more customers are also choosing debit over credit* and with more merchants choosing to process their transactions through eftpos~, you can ensure customers don’t miss out on rewards because of the way their payments are processed.

Simple API connection through Verrency’s API integration
Opportunity to link eftpos-enabled cards to existing loyalty program memberships
Security icon
Card holder data is anonymised for security
No technical integration is required on the part of the issuer or merchant

Want to get set up? Here’s what to do

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Contact eftpos to find out how to access the card linking API.

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Verrency will guide you through onboarding documentation, including contract due diligence and card linking API and technical integration (subject to approval).

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In 2-4 weeks you will be connected to the card linking API.

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Receive ongoing support for matched transactions and any customer or merchant disputes.

To get started, get in touch

Simply enter your details into our enquiry form and we’ll get you up and running.

Who is Verrency?

A global leader in payment innovations, Verrency provides a range of platforms and solutions to help enhance the customer experience, in a way that’s easy for financial institutions. All of Verrency’s innovations are designed to work with existing infrastructure, making integration quick, simple and scalable.


Australian consumers are increasingly using debit cards for their everyday spend. With matched eftpos transaction data, it may help your business fulfil a card linking offer and reward your loyalty program members for spending via eftpos. Plus, you can support members with not missing out out on rewards when they shop with merchants that may use Least Cost Routing.

Just complete the enquiry form above, and the eftpos team will contact you to understand your requirements and provide you with next steps. You’ll deal directly with Verrency during the set-up process, as they’re the partner who operates the card matching API platform.

Together with Verrency, you’ll need to conduct a technical integration workshop, covering things like environment set-up, connectivity, initial testing and security integration. Don’t worry, Verrency will do the heavy lifting to get you up and running.

Costs are based on a matched transaction fee on a per matched transaction basis.

This data is exchanged via an eftpos and Verrency API gateway, using unique tokenised eftpos cardholder identifiers for each transaction.

No, there should be no changes to the way you currently register customers for your loyalty program. Just note that any user messaging and disclosures that describe enrolment or fulfilment must be in line with the program terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Verrency can handle individual merchant IDs, as well as grouped merchant IDs for merchant chains or franchise models.

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3Reserve Bank of Australia, Least-cost Routing of Debit Card Transactions