eftpos branding and trademarks 

Download the latest eftpos logo and branding guidelines.

Released in 2021, the latest eftpos brand is a refreshed expression of who we are and what we represent.

It’s important that everyone who works with us understands the eftpos brand – so we’ve created a handy set of guidelines to help you get up to speed and stay on track.

In these guidelines, you can find useful info on everything from logo usage, to fonts, colours, card branding rules and application examples. 

By keeping all our members on the same page, we can ensure that the eftpos brand image and message is clear and consistent, no matter where it appears.

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Do you have a query about branding or trademarks, or any extra requests? We’re here to help – just email the eftpos Brand & Marketing team at marketing@eftposaustralia.com.au