The eftpos Hub

Learn more about the eftpos Hub: a central place where all eftpos transactions from across the industry are processed.
What does it do?

The eftpos Hub is a central place where all eftpos transactions are processed, no matter where they’re made across Australia. It’s designed to handle all sorts of eftpos payments, including online, contactless and mobile payments – and even ATM transactions. To date, the eftpos Hub has had zero downtime, while conducting hundreds of regular releases, changes and processing millions of transactions every day.

Why was it created?

Before the eftpos Hub was created, these transactions were processed via a network of complex bilateral links between financial institutions and merchants. By replacing this network with a single hub, we’ve made it much easier and quicker to upgrade the network and add new capabilities. With the eftpos Hub, it’s much easier for members to make any system changes needed (such as products upgrades), as these can now be done once via a single eftpos Hub link – rather than with multiple changes on numerous bilateral links.

Support for members

Need any additional resources or support? eftpos Member Support (eMS) is here to help with anything eftpos Hub-related. Our team is based right here in Australia and we’re available 24/7. Get in touch.

ATM services

The eftpos Hub can give organisations an efficient, centralised, low-cost solution for ATM processing. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this, just fill in this pdf & email it to