Getting started with Least Cost Routing

Questions to ask your bank to get the ball rolling.

Questions to ask

  • I’d like to find out about Least Cost Routing (or Merchant Choice Routing) for my business.
  • Who’s the best person to talk to?
  • Do you have a guide to help me understand my merchant statement?
  • Can you explain how my fees are currently structured, and what I’m paying?
  • If my fees are bundled, can you break them out so I can see debit and credit separately?
  • If I choose to route my contactless debit card transactions via eftpos, will I save on fees?
  • Can we go through a realistic scenario to test this out?
  • If I want to implement Least Cost Routing, will a pricing review need to happen – and is my current structure likely to change?
  • Are my terminals eligible for Least Cost Routing?
  • If not, what will be involved in an upgrade?
  • If I have multiple terminals, can I implement Least Cost Routing on just one of them?
  • Or does it have to be done across the board? What else is involved in implementing Least Cost Routing and how long does it take?

Get in touch

Do you have a query about Least Cost Routing? We’re here to help – just drop us a line.