Everyday tip

Av’ a go at this! Want to smash avocado all over your toast for breakfast tomorrow? Place hard avo’s next to a banana and they will ripen quicker

Lucinda's everyday tip

eftpos is instantaneous and helps me keep absolutely up to date with my spending without any nasty surprises days down the track!

Kelly's everyday tip

If iced coffee is more your thing, freeze some black coffee in an ice cube tray to make sure it doesn't get watered down

Emilie's everyday tip

Fill your water bottle 1/4 of the way and pop it on its side in the freezer overnight. That way when you fill the remaining 3/4 with water in the morning you'll have ice cold water straight away without having to wait for the ice to defrost!

Amy's everyday tip

Freeze some green grapes to chill your white wine instead of ice. Won't water it down, and tastes amazing!

Isobelle's everyday tip

When studying for exams and tests, it is better to study for 45 mins and have a 15 min break for some food and water to refresh your brain. It is also good to only study till 8pm and sleep on newly learned information

BJ's everyday tip

To make instant coffee taste better, just add a little water to your coffee and stir to make a paste, give it a minute then add water and / or milk to taste

Everyday tip

Sweet as! Make flowers look fresher for longer by adding a tablespoon of sugar to their water!

Amanda's everyday tip

Put your child's food into your bowl and pretend to eat it - you'll have your child wanting to eat 'your' dinner in no time! Works every time!

Ryan's everyday tip

Hang your shirts up in the bathroom while having a shower to remove wrinkles

Natalie's everyday tip

Hang t-shirts on the line straight away & on their coat hangers. Haven't ironed a t-shirt in years!

Natasha's everyday tip

Use eftpos and pay it forward. Buy the next person in line a coffee, minus the lid

Lynette's everyday tip

Use the leftover coffee grinds and teabags for your plants. They love it!

Gracie's everyday tip

Can't find a bottle stopper? Put a metal teaspoon in the neck of your wine bottle to keep it from oxidising too quickly

Jacinta's everyday tip

When brushing your hair wet start at the ends to stop the rest of the hair from knotting!

Brianna's everyday tip

If you mix bicarbonate of soda with your shampoo it helps to clean any build up of hair product

Leanne's everyday tip

Put a pin hole in the lid of your butter/ margarine container, it makes it easier to get off

Alysha's everyday tip

If you measure the length of your hand & remember it you can then use your hands to judge the measurement of anything :) seems odd but is actually quite *handy*

Everyday tip

Crusty crusts! Want to reheat pizza in a flash but keep the crusts crunchy? Place it in the microwave with a glass of water. Zap! Crunch! You’re welcome.

Lynda's everyday tip

At the end of each day put your silver coins into a little tin or container... At the end of each month bank the coins into a savings account and you can put your savings towards a special purchase, using your eftpos card!

Alison's everyday tip

Use a straw to remove the stem from the Strawberry. Pierce it from the bottom, pushing through the top where the stem is. Removes it every time

Bec's everyday tip

When ironing: first the collar, then the sleeves, then the back and then the chest

Gabriel's everyday tip

Use a table spoon or a tea spoon to spread hard butter on soft bread/buns and rolls. A trick you must know

Emily's everyday tip

To remove a bandaid easily, soak a cotton ball in to some baby oil and gently rub it over the bandaid for a pain free removal

Judith's everyday tip

If you want your nail polish to dry faster, put your hands in a cold bowl of water for 3 minutes and the nail polish will be dry!

Lyndal's everyday tip

Boil eggs with a teaspoon of bicarb soda. The shells will peel right off

Joelene's everyday tip

Use a clothes peg to hold a nail still when hammering. Also, when drilling a hole, put a post it note under the spot you plan on drilling and have it folded upwards so the dust falls into it

Everyday tip

Bananarama! For those who love bananas every day, keep your bananas around for longer by wrapping the tops of them in plastic wrap!

Anthony's everyday tip

Put fresh tea bags in your smelly shoes and the smell will go away

Linda's everyday tip

Place a apple in your potatoes so they won't sprout shoots as quickly and last longer

Sarah's everyday tip

Store your fruit by lining your fridge drawers with bubble wrap; this will stop your fresh produce from bruising and at the end of the week there will be no wasted food

Sarah's everyday tip

Rub a walnut on damaged wooden furniture to cover up scratches!

Noeleen's everyday tip

If you have a splinter, get some bicarb soda and water and mix it to a paste, then apply to the splinter. In a few minutes the splinter will pop right out

Julie's everyday tip

Broken glass? Get a piece of bread to pick the small pieces up as it will stick in the bread

Jackie's everyday tip

Splash water on your wrists before chopping onion and the vapours won't sting your eyes!

Britty's everyday tip

When drying pants, pull the pockets inside out. It dries without a funky smell and can stop lint from building up!

Everyday tip

A good egg! Here’s a quick everyday tip to make sure your eggs are fresh. Place your egg in a glass of cold, salty water. If it sinks it’s fresh! If it floats it’s no good.