For Consumers

Two little buttons that make all the difference

At eftpos, it’s our aim to help all Australians, every day. This is how pressing CHQ or SAV for everyday purchases helps you out.

The convenience of cash out
eftpos is a fast, secure and simple way to get cash out at the checkout.

Simply press CHQ or SAV every day, using any debit or proprietary card issued by an Australian bank.

Real time transactions
When you use eftpos, your payments are processed by eftpos in real time. This means that you’ll be able to see exactly how much you have in your account through your online or mobile banking app. You use eftpos if your card has a Chip and the eftpos logo is on the front or if you press CHQ or SAV.

By pressing the CHQ or SAV buttons using any debit card issued by an Australian bank, it also means that you’re accessing your own money, helping you stay in control of your budgeting.

Safe & secure
Have peace of mind every time you press CHQ or SAV knowing that eftpos has the lowest card fraud rates in the country. When you shop using your PIN you can feel confident that your transaction is a safe one. If you notice any unauthorised transaction on your account, contact your bank immediately. You may be able to have the amount of any unauthorised transaction returned as a chargeback.

You may also be protected by the ePayments Code ePayments code – check your bank terms for details.

Less likely to be surcharged
Pressing CHQ or SAV helps you stay in control of your spend, and you rarely cop a surcharge.

Helping with everyday

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