What is eftpos?

eftpos is Australia's most used cards system, allowing consumers to pay for purchases electronically at the point of sale, and take cash-out. It is currently available at around 900,000 eftpos terminals. In 2014/15 Australians made more than 2.3 billion eftpos transactions, worth more than $140 billion. This is equivalent to an average of more than 6 million eftpos CHQ and SAV transactions a day.

Who owns eftpos?

eftpos is owned and administered by eftpos Payments Australia Limited, which is wholly owned by 18 Members being financial institutions and some major retailers.

Why is it better for me to accept eftpos?

Making eftpos available provides your customers the choice to access their own money through a safe, convenient and efficient Australian-owned debit payment option. Accepting purchases on eftpos reduces the amount of cash you need to hold in your till, reducing exposure to theft, mishandling and misappropriation. eftpos is extremely safe, having the lowest card fraud rates in Australia. For more information, refer to the Australian Payments Clearing Association Fraud Statistics 2014 Financial Year results.

How am I charged for transactions?

eftpos does not charge you, as a merchant, directly for transactions. Please speak with your bank or service provider about the merchant service fees charged on eftpos transactions. Your bank or service provider may charge you a merchant service fee, which could include a fee for the rental of your terminal.

What are Interchange Fees?

Interchange Fees are what institutions on either side of an eftpos transaction charge each other. eftpos has introduced a Multilateral Interchange Fee regime that took effect on 1 October 2011.

What if my customer's card doesn't have an eftpos logo on it?

Don't worry, they can still pay with eftpos using any debit card issued by an Australian bank, regardless of which logo it has on it. All your customer has to do is press CHQ or SAV and they will be paying by eftpos.

I am about to open a shop, how do I get set up with merchant facilities?

Please contact your bank. They will be able to take care of all your set-up and ongoing needs.

Do I need one terminal for eftpos and another for scheme debit and credit cards?

No. Unlike in a number of other countries, Australians are fortunate in that almost all electronic transactions, including eftpos, can be processed through a single terminal.

When will eftpos be available Online and on Mobile?

As Australians change the way they shop and pay, eftpos is evolving its technology to meet their needs. As such, we are committed to the development of new eftpos payment products on new technology platforms such as Contactless, Online and Mobile. We expect to begin offering eftpos Mobile solutions early in 2017, with eftpos Online to follow in the near future.